Thursday, 11 June 2015


Nature is bountiful and there are natural remedies and aids which can even help one conceive.Apart from a balanced diet, a couple should take a daily multivitamin with follic acid and try to go organic and hormone-free when it comes to groceries as pesticides and unnatural hormones affect fertility.


Fatty fish like tuna,mackerel,shark and farm-raised salmon have unhealthy mercury levels and should be avoided.Instead, have fruit and vegetables that are both colourful and high in anti-oxidants ,such as : red capsicum,oranges,greens,mangoes,apples,figs,sweet potatoes and carrots.Nut and high-calcium foods also aid conceiving.For women, prenatal yoga and acupuncture treatment are relaxing and strengthen muscles to be used during child birth.

However,keep in mind that several herbs have a contraceptive effect on women.High amount of cayenne,ginger,saffron,aloe and cinnamon affect fertility and should be had in moderation or in consultation with your doctor.Men should ensure they are getting the required quantity of Vitamins B-12,C and E, along with zinc and selenium.

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