Thursday, 21 November 2013

Affordable Test Tube Baby Procedure India

Anything which occurs outside the body is called in vitro and when fertilization egg with sperm occurs outside the body it is called "in vitro fertilization". The first In Vitro fertilization was done in the test tube and that is why it is popularly known as Test tube Baby.

Test tube baby process or Infertility IVF or IVF -In Vitro Fertilization is the one which is conceived outside the woman's womb.The sperm of man and the egg taken from the woman's ovaries are fertilized within a test tube in the laboratory. Once successful fertilization is completed, the embryo is then transplanted into the woman's uterus to complete the pregnancy. The embryo won't survive within the test tube and needs to be transplanted to the woman's uterus for its normal growth.Normally this procedure is a part of the IVF (in vitro fertilisation) technique and is done in patients who have problems conceiving normally.

The process of fertilization which normally in fallopian tube of the woman and fertilized egg than moves into the uterus of the woman. It an implants there in to the uterus and developed into the baby. When for some reason this process of fertilization cannot take place naturally or sperm and egg cannot be transported naturally to the tube or from the tube to the uterus or either is egg having some problem or the sperm.

For whom test tube baby procedure is done?
If the female partner has both the fallopian tubes blocked or the female is suffering from severe endometriosis or the husband is very small number of motile and normal sperms or any other reason by which the fertilization which occurs in outer part of the fallopian tube does not take place.

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