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Using ICSI Procedure to Get Pregnant

ICSI is the most successful form of treatment for couples that are dealing with male factor infertility and for those who have not had success with IVF in the past.


Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) involves injecting a single sperm directly into an egg in order to fertilise it. The fertilised egg (embryo) is then transferred to the woman’s womb. 

As with standard IVF treatment, you will be given fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries to develop several mature eggs for fertilisation. When your eggs are ready for collection, you and your partner will undergo separate procedures.

the statistics are showing that the icsi success rates are increasing. Overall the icsi success rates are 65%, although there have been reports of success at 80%.

There are five main steps to the ICSI procedure

  •  A sperm sample is taken from your partner's semen or surgically extracted from his testes or epididymis
  • Your eggs are surgically extracted from your ovaries.
  • Using a tiny hollow needle, one sperm is carefully injected into an egg.
  • After injection, the fertilized egg is observed for growth and development.
  • Once normal growth is observed, the embryo will be implanted into your uterus where it has a chance to implant and grow.

What are the advantages of ICSI?

  •  ICSI may give you and your partner a chance of conceiving your genetic        child   when other options are closed to you.
  • If your partner is too anxious to ejaculate on the day of egg collection for standard IVF, sperm can instead be extracted for ICSI.
  •  ICSI can also be used to help couples with unexplained infertility. Standard IVF is the usual approach, though, as ICSI and IVF pregnancy rates are very similar and IVF is a less complex treatment.
  • ICSI doesn't appear to affect the long-term health and development of children conceived via the procedure. 


How long does ICSI treatment last ?
             One cycle of ICSI takes between four weeks and six weeks to complete. You and your partner can expect to spend a full day at the clinic for the egg and sperm retrieval procedures. You'll go back anywhere between two days and six days later for the embryo transfer procedure.
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